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About Us

The New Brunswick Association of Family Resource Centers Inc. supports the thirteen Family Resource Centers operating in New Brunswick.  The Association membership is comprised of the Executive Directors of the individual centers.  Our meetings are held three times a year with our annual meeting in June.  Funding for the Association comes from membership fees and fundraising efforts.

Our Vision is to “actively support registered charitable family resource centres in assisting families to raise safe, healthy, active children”

Our purpose is to "promote the efficiency and effectiveness of Family Resource Centers that are registered charities in New Brunswick." 

Our objectives are:

      -     To provide resources to the centres that directly improve the delivery of charitable programs

      -     To provide information to the government, media and the public, relating to the charitable programs at               the centres

      -     To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainments of the above charitable purpose.


"Relationship and community based. Also voluntary, inclusive, and focusing on support, education and prevention services in a group setting."

The Family Resource Centers provide services to expectant moms and families with preschool children up to age six based on the identified needs of the family.   There are 13 main centers with over 90 outreach centers throughout the province.  Funding is received from the Public Health Agency of Canada's Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program, Community Action Program for Children, New Brunswick Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, grants, and fundraising. 

Developing and maintaining partnerships is an important part of Family Resource Centers.  Partners include Talk With Me, Schools, Libraries, Dieticians, Social Workers,  etc. 

For more information on programs/services offered keep reading.  😊

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

This program provides funding to Family Resource Centres to help improve the health of pregnant women, new mothers and their babies.  

One goal of this program is, is to improve the health of women and their babies by increasing the number of babies born at a healthy weight  as well as promoting and supporting breastfeeding.

Community Action Program for Children

This program provides funding to Family Resource Centres to help promote healthy development in young children from birth to 6.

One goal of the program is to improve healthy child development by improving parenting skills, decreasing isolation, increasing a child's self-esteem, and providing child -focused activities

Programs & Services offered by
        Family Resource Centers

                            Prenatal programs                    

                            New Born/New Life                   


                            Collective kitchens 

                            Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program

                           Parenting Workshops

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